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Hard work, passion and quality brought to us the STARK bodyflyer®!

The right suspension training is possible only with the STARK bodyflyer®.

Be careful that it is the original one!

Patented in 2008 by Antonella Faleschini, who is also the creator of the Body Flying® method. The bodyflyer® was designed to have the best technical features to train whilst in suspension in modalities of fitness, like yoga, Pilates, gymnastics and acrobatics.

The bodyflyer® is made with the same material used to make parachutes.

The most relevant aspect of the STARK bodyflyer® is the material. With an original design, the STARK bodyflyer® is made with parachute material which gives an incredible resistance and guarantees the practice of exercises in suspension in total safety.

Furthermore, our hooks are made of stainless steel and give a much better resistance required to support the bodyweight when moving on the bodyflyer®

Children can also use the STARK bodyflyer® and for them STARK has created a customised course: Body Stark Kids.


Another aspect that distinguishes the STARK bodyflyer® is a 10-year guarantee, as dealing with a patented registered product.


In the last few months, in fact, there has been some infiltration of similar products of lower quality.

We have tested them and realised that these prototypes are made with thinner material, with less resistant hooks and handles and stitching of poor quality, points which are crucial for our safety. Our bodyflyer® has been designed whilst taking care of the small details , bearing in mind the distribution of the bodyweight in flight and the practice of the exercises in the most efficient way. The imitations are also sold without the proper hanging straps.

Our message to you is: choose our best quality for a fun and safe training!

Patented in 2008 by Antonella Faleschini.

  • Filing of the trademark no. 1414777 dated 19/05/2010
  • Certificate of Patent by usage model no. 0000272660 of 24/05/2010
  • European patent 017749771 of 29/01/2018