Teacher Training STARK Body Flying® Classic 21th and 22th of May 2021 – DUBAI

//Teacher Training STARK Body Flying® Classic 21th and 22th of May 2021 – DUBAI

Teacher Training STARK Body Flying® Classic 21th and 22th of May 2021 – DUBAI


The course includes:

  • Theoretical and Practical 2 manual
  • 5 hours self-practice (this can be attending with a Master Trainer’s classes or practicing by themselves with their notes and books)
  • 5 hours observation
  • 5 hours self-teaching
  • Exam
  • Work protocols
  • Advertising material
  • Insertion on the website Stark® for one year
  • Certificate of attendance

With completion of the teacher training, you will be qualified to:

  • Teach Stark Body Flying ® Method according to the five principles.
  • Work in semi-suspension and suspension.
  • Teach basic, intermediate and advanced exercise and routines.
  • Adapt a class for different levels and provide modification for physical conditions.
  • Work with individual lesson or group.
  • Adapt the exercises for different students age or physical conditions.
  • Analyze the focus of Stark Body exercises, based on anatomical and postural biomechanical principles.

Product Description

The course consists of two days of professional training, which will cover the theoretical and practical aspects of Body Flying® this innovative training technique in suspension.

Program first day:

· Body Flying® STARK – The Method

· Principles and general criteria

· The centre of gravity

· Techniques of partial/total suspension

· Techniques of partial inversion

· Relaxation and decompression of the spine

· STARK Body Flying®: Workout

· Preparation for work in suspension

· STARK Body Flying® in presence of functional limitations

Program for second day:

· STARK Body Flying®

· STARK Body Flying Pilates®

· STARK Body Flying Yoga®

· STARK Body Flying Dance®

· STARK Body Flying kids®

· STARK Body Flying Acrobatic®

· Principles and general and specific criteria

· Stability – Posture

· Techniques of full suspension

· Techniques of total inversion

· Inversion techniques: benefits, indications, contraindications and limits

· STARK Body Flying®: workout

· Selection criteria: anatomical, functional and physiological

· Preparation and execution

· Isometric contraction, eccentric, lengthening global active

· STARK Body Flying® the presence of functional limitations

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21th and 22th of May2022

Teacher Training

Stark Body Flying Classic


2 days course from 9 AM to 6 PM (with 1-hour break) for a total of 16 Hours.


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