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Project Description

Find your balance with Pilates Body Flying®.

From the fusion of Pilates and Body Flying® a new method has been developed in order to stimulate the mind and the body, focusing specifically on strengthening, toning, movement awareness and harmony.

With Pilates Body Flying® breathing and concentration are also of fundamental importance because they help to make the exercises more fluid, achieving the right balance through the correct postural alignment. Force of gravity and bodyweight work together to achieve new goals.

Pilates Body Flying® is a great tool to utilize in groups settings but also in personal training sessions depending on the levels.

  • Requisites: Attendance to day 1 of STARK Body Flying® S1 course
  • Duration: One day
  • Certification: Instructor PILATES & Body flying® with Diploma Stark, Diploma recognised by C.O.N.I. , Technical  card from C.O.N.I., agent of well-being, your name listed on the STARK website as an instructor.
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STARK Body Flying® is the suspension training tool that meets your choices and your needs.

Try them all with only one bodyflyer!