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Project Description

Promotes coordination and muscular development

 Total freedom of movement in space combined with fun, music, colours which will make the kids training more enjoyable as well as promoting coordination and the proper muscle development, essential for psychomotor skills.

Body Flying® Kids was developed from the need to reconcile physical activities with playful interactions, both essential for the development of children as they stimulate the connection between mind and body.

The training program focuses on exercises aimed at preventing or correcting any bad postures, often caused by a sedentary lifestyle, encouraging the elongation and the flexibility of the spine. In addition the Bodyflyer® improves proprioception, the ability to become aware of one’s own body in space, very useful for establishing the correct principles of movement in everyday life and for gaining self-confidence.

The playing component has no competitive value and it allows children to release tension through a pleasant and exciting experience.

  • Requisites: Attendance to day 1 of STARK Body Flying® S1 course
  • Duration: One day
  • Certification: Instructor KIDS & Body Flying® with Diploma Stark, Diploma recognised by C.O.N.I. , Technical  card from C.O.N.I., agent of well-being, your name listed on the STARK website as an instructor.
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STARK Body Flying® is the suspension training tool that meets your choices and your needs.

Try them all with only one bodyflyer!