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Project Description

The positions, even the most complex, will become easier to perform thanks to a better postural training.

The idea is to reconcile the most ancient techniques in the world using an innovative piece of equipment like the bodyflyer® which allows to move the body 360 degrees as opposite to traditional yoga. The practice of the program Yoga Body Flying® gives us a combination of exercises to execute in partial suspension, full suspension and in inversion, used to stimulate further our equilibrium, precision of movement, control and concentration: the basic principles of this discipline. With the bodflyer® the force of gravity becomes your best ally for better lengthening the body during inversions. The poses, even the most difficult, will be easier to execute given a better postural alignment. Movement and breathing will become more natural and fluid and you will obtain a pleasing sensation of well-being and relaxation.

  • Requisites: Attendance to Day 1 of STARK Body Flying® S1 course
  • Duration: Two days
  • Certification: Instructor FUNCTIONAL & Body Flying® with Diploma Stark , Diploma recognized by C.O.N.I., Technical card from C.O.N.I., agent of well-being, your name listed on the STARK website as an instructor. 


STARK Body Flying® is the suspension training tool that meets your choices and your needs.

Try them all with only one bodyflyer!