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Project Description

Sculpt your body with Body Flying® Functional

Aimed specifically to sportsmen, professional athletes and personal trainers but also ideal for those of you who would like to improve your physique adding strength and resistance training.

Body Flying® Functional is a high intensity training modality based on aerobic and anaerobic workouts intended to improve muscle tone and elasticity as well as overall strength.

Thanks to only one piece of equipment, the Bodyflyer®, you will discover your potential, as you will exercise through rapid, reactive, coordinated movements using simply two variables: your own bodyweight and the force of gravity.

Body Flying® Functional is a program that prepares you athletically and allows you to discover a renewed enthusiasm to achieve your goals as opposite to a normal gym workout.

  • Requisites: Attendance to Day 1 ofSTARK Body Flying® S1 course
  • Duration: One day
  • Certification: Instructor FUNCTIONAL & Body Flying® with Diploma Stark , Diploma recognized by C.O.N.I., Technical card from C.O.N.I., agent of well-being, your name listed on the STARK website as an instructor.


STARK Body Flying® is the suspension training that meets your needs and choices

Try them all with only one bodyflyer!