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Project Description

Fast results in terms of resistance, strength and aesthetics.

The objective of the specialization in Acrobatic in Bodyflying® is to experiment all movement levels in suspension. Acrobatic is a challenge against the force of gravity, ideal for those who want to experience moving with their feet in the air. Being suspended, strictly connected to acrobatic workouts, the body moves in 360 degrees. There is not one muscle that stays still. The intensity of the workout is felt equally by the arms, the legs, the gluteals, and the abdomen. The results are fast felt both in the resistance and strength as well as aesthetics. At a physical level, the benefits of the acrobatic workouts are multiple: it strengthens the hand hold, the wrists, the forearms, the upper arms, the shoulder girdle, the dorsal area, the abdomen and all the muscles involved in traction. The spinal column works in a lengthened position, and because we are suspended it will not absorb any forces or the bodyweight .Instead being suspended will help to overcome vertigo and to improve balance, equilibrium and proprioception with a stimulus beneficial to the vestibular system.

The innovation of the Bodyflying®, the harmony of dance, the virtuosity of acrobatic make this specialisation a nice personal challenge proposed to all of any level and age. The workout principles done on the ground in acrobatic help to achieve a lightness and a harmony in the suspended body giving a spectacular and beneficial workout in space.

  • Requisites: Attendance to Day 1 of STARK Body Flying® S1 course
  • Duration: One day
  • Certification: Instructor FUNCTIONAL & Body Flying® with Diploma Stark , Diploma recognized by C.O.N.I., Technical card from C.O.N.I., agent of well-being, your name listed on the STARK website as an instructor.


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