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We are an international company and provide instructors with education and certification in the BodyFlying® method, from foundation to higher level courses.

The founder and creator of the BodyFlying® method (patent registered in 2008) is Antonella Faleschini.

This new and unique training system nowadays features a series of movements, routines and choreographies, all listed and collated, for endless workouts. Its development has taken place at STARK BodyFlying Head Office in Alessandria (Italy).

In 2012, thanks to the collaboration of our master trainers, new courses have shaped up in relation to the following disciplines:

  • Bodyflying Classic®

  • Bodyflying Pilates®

  • Bodyflying Yoga®

  • Bodyflying kids®

  • Bodyflying Danza®

  • Bodyflying Acrobatica®

  • Bodyflying Functional®


Train your body and discover the pleasant sensation of being able to move on your own in complete freedom swinging in air … FLYING!

Once you have identified your centre of gravity, you will understand how to move on the Body Flyer®. With constant practice, you will develop body strength and flexibility, the number and the variety of possible movements will also increase and being on the bodyflyer will become more and more fun.

Constant practice will give long term benefits. Body Flying® revives the spinal column, releases joint and muscle tension, develops energy and brings vitality. Each position you choose will be supported by the bodyflyer. The objective is to perform the exercises with precision and balance. Movement and breath become one and soon you will learn to coordinate them in a more natural way, having a pleasant feeling of wellbeing, relaxation and energy.

The use of gravity

The method utilises bodyweight and force of gravity to improve strength, coordination, resistance, flexibility, posture and stability. The BodyFlying® was created from the idea of putting together various modalities of movement such as pilates, yoga, artistic gymnastics, stretching, bodybuilding and others which are highly functional. The objective is being able to move the body in 360 degrees using all planes of motion. Body Flying® helps and support your moves, without imposing limitations inherent to other classical movement modalities. Furthermore, BodyFlying® can be also be used as a “challenge”, thus giving the possibility for various configurations of working out, at different levels of difficulty from extremely simple to extreme!

Inversion Technique

For over 3000 years Yogis have been using their inverted poses (asanas), practiced to re-establish a general well-being both physical and mental, confirming the importance of being inverted so as to establish bodily harmony, to improve circulation, to stimulate mental agility, to improve the function of the pituitary and pineal glands. BodyFlying® allows a partial or a total inversion which is active and not passive. The central sling holds the pelvis and the handles can be used to make the position more comfortable and safe.

Who can BodyFly®?

Anyone who is already training and wants to improve strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, stability, posture. Workouts are challenging, as we work in favour or against gravity, on a prop which is very unstable and moves in all directions in space.

Athletes who want to prevent sports specific injuries and to improve their performance especially in football, tennis, golf, ski, etc.

Anyone who wants to improve their posture by adding strength and flexibility to their workouts.

Stark body flying

It can be practiced both in groups and in semi/ private sessions also in gyms, in Pilates centres, outdoors and indoors as a fun training tool or to relax.

It can be used to destress and unload the spine practicing the “Hanging” pose

The Bodyflyer

Consists of a central sling and three handles on each side. The Body Flyer® can be suspended indoors from the ceiling with ropes supplied or outside on a tree or some other structure. It is made with parachute material to guarantee maximum quality and resistance. Installation is simple and require a few minutes. When not in use it can be easily removed.



Presenter and Creator of the method

Antonella Faleschini, the creator of the method STARK Body Flying®, began to develop her ideas in 2008 and then she rationalised the outcome by listing a wide variety of exercises and combination of exercises.

Forever addicted to gymnastics, an adventure that she started when she was four and she continued to practice artistic gymnastics, remaining in the competitive team till nineteen years of age.

Since then, she moved on to other sports, like synchronised swimming, dance, Pilates. She is always practicing yoga and relaxation therapies.

Her studies and her practice were the key factors in her developing the Stark Body Flying®method.



The Master Trainers

Vettori Teresa. Master Trainer Body Flying® & Body Flying  YOGA® Teresa joined our team in 2005. She teaches and coordinates all foundation courses. She helps developing the method in Italy and around the world. She is also a yoga and a pilates teacher in head office, in Alessandria.

Alex Fabbri. Master Trainer Body Flying® & Body Flying  YOGA®. He started practicing hatha yoga at the age of 14 and since then he never stopped practicing and exploring various styles of yoga. In 2010 he opened his first holistic centre in Rome, where he brings together teachers and styles. He has been a teacher trainer of other modalities with Italian federations.

Barbara Carducci.  Master Trainer Body Flying® & Body Flying KIDS®. Barbara is certified in Pilates via other schools and in the Garuda method, where she trained with the creator James D’Silva. She started Body Flying® in 2012 and in 2014, after specialising in the method, she became Master Trainer and she began to collaborate with Antonella Faleschini, to develop and bring to life the additional program Stark Body Flying for Kids®

Letizia Fabbrucci. Master Trainer Body Flying® & Body Flying DANZA®. Studied at Scuola di Ballo del Teatro alla Scala di Milano and performs as a professional for the past ten years. In 1998 she gained her diploma as a teacher at Scuola di Ballo della Fondazione Teatro alla Scala. Professor in Specializzazione per Coreografi accreditato alla Regione Lombardia. From 2012 she started her journey in Body Flying® and in 2013 she became Master Trainer Body Flying® e Master Trainer Body Flying DANZA® which she presented at the Accademia Teatro alla Scala.

Sara Tisselli. Master Trainer Body Flying® & Body Flying ACROBATICA®. From 8 years of age she studied dance. From 2009 she teaches dance and she founded with Alessandro Medri, Accademia 49 – Officina della Musica, della Danza e delle Arti. From 2011, she attended the Scuola Professionale I.D.A. In 2012 she certifies as a pilates teacher, as a Giocodanza® teacher and as an instructor of Danza Acrobatica. In 2013 she discovers her passion for Body Flying®. In 2015 she gained her diploma with Paolo Benedetti of AcroFloorWork.

Roberta Trzebinski. Master Trainer Body Flying® & Body Flying PILATES®. Founder of Pilates Bahrain STUDIO RCT (Rehabilitation, Contrology, Therapies), a functional movement centre in the heart of Bahrain.  She is a yoga teacher as well as a STOTT PILATES certified instructor trainer (2009). She became a Master Trainer in Body Flying® Suspension Training (2013), in BOSU (2014), in Total Barre, Zenga e CORE (2014). In the summer of 2015, she completed her 500hrs with the RYA. She is a TRX LeveL 2 and TRX YOGA instructor, a certified practitioner in The Roll Model, a member of the pilates teachers association, a certified Matrix Rhythm Therapist and a pink ribbon program exercise specialist.

Checcacci Flavia. Attended IMP- Intensive Matwork STOTT PILATES in the Studio Dona 10, Barcelona. Group and Personal Trainer STARK Body Flying® & Body Flying Yoga® in the studio Enjoy Pilates, Milano. Certified with CONI in Body Flying Yoga®. Freelance performer of acrobatics  at Pole Dancing Academy – Milano, Pole Dance Factory – Barcelona, Pole Dancing Academy – Firenze.

Sorina Dumitrache. Training Manager in Italy and abroad. Master Trainer Body Flying® & Body Flying PILATES®. Founder of Natural Concept Pilates 2008. 2007 Master in Fashion Marketing (IED- Milano). 2006   Pilates Polestar –Roma.  2002 Laurea Cosmetologia Ferrara. 1986 George Enescu sezione danza classica –Bucarest.


STARK Body Flying® is the suspension training tool that meets your choices and your needs.

Try them all with only one bodyflyer!